Protecting Torbay tourism

Edmundson Electrical in Torbay

Edmundson Electrical in Torbay - Credit: Archant

Personal Protective Equipment, better known as PPE, has joined 'lockdown' and 'unprecedented' as some of the key phrases we have come to associate with these, um, unprecedented times.

As well as the obvious need for good quality, compliant PPE for the NHS, care homes and key workers, the responsible reopening of Torbay tourism and businesses has brought a new frontline for those supplying PPE.

Edmundson Electrical is a Royal charter company, whom, following the onset of Covid-19, started to invest in, and distribute vast quantities of PPE and are leading the march to supply community businesses with the tools to reopen in a safe and responsible manner.

'We have supported the national Covid effort with electrical equipment since this all started,' said David Martini, manager of Edmundson Electrical Ltd in Torbay. 'We are a supplier to the Crown, so that includes supplying the NHS and public services.

'We started making contact with regards to supplying PPE and we made contact with organisations at various levels, including Government departments such as healthcare and the police.

'We have invested huge sums of money into producing PPE and the initial demand was understandably within care homes.

'Once that demand was picked up by central Government, I contacted the Torquay Chamber of Commerce and Torbay Development Agency contacted me to see how we can support local businesses in the reopening process.

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'Since then, we have covered the full spectrum of Torbay business and the tourism industry is obviously looming large on the horizon because PPE for hotels, guesthouses and B&Bs will be equally crucial.

'Unfortunately, the need for PPE has led to the emergence of an enormous problem in rogue companies producing non-compliant PPE. There is an awful lot of stuff on the market that is simply not fit for use.

'Edmndson Electrical Ltd is proud of our place within the community and we have spent a lot of time, money and effort to ensure we produce equipment that does ensure personal protection, enabling the safe and responsible reopening of Torbay tourism.'

To find out more and order PPE, contact David on or call 01803 616372 / 07956 492480.