Mysterious Torbay

Ghostly happenings and sightings at Torre Abbey

Ghostly happenings and sightings at Torre Abbey - Credit: Archant

Interest in the paranormal has increased over the years with programmes such as Most Haunted and Ghost Adventures becoming very popular TV viewing.

Christine Donnelly

Christine Donnelly - Credit: Archant

There is a curiosity in the whole area of paranormal activity, from ghostly sightings to UFOs.

Here in Torbay there is a diversity of ghostly happenings and sightings.

Torre Abbey, which is Torquay's oldest building, has had reports of a ghostly lady seen walking about the abbey grounds.

Ghostly monks have also been seen walking in the dark shadows before disappearing into the chilly night air.

It is a historically interesting building which holds many secrets.

I used to run the ghost walks for the abbey, which always had a good attendance, and at the same time added some of the history of the place.

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In the cloister area I found that people often 'sensed' different types of energy, sometimes a monk, other times just strange moving shadows.

I have worked with many teams of paranormal investigators and have witnessed some very strange events over the years.

It is a subject that causes great debate, some people are very sceptical while others imagine that even the slightest tapping heard on an investigation is of a paranormal nature.

This isn't helped by television programmes featuring paranormal investigators who when trying to contact spirit receive an instant 'response' to the team's requests to 'make a sound, let us know that you are there'.

Unfortunately, this paints a false picture, and is most often acted out for the cameras.

On most investigations it is very rare that you experience anything out of the ordinary, that couldn't be explained as environmental ie: heating or water pipes cooling down, pressure building up in water taps, making them turn themselves on.

In the field of paranormal, you need to think 'outside the box'.

Forget what you know, or think you know, it is a whole new world of possibilities and it is exciting.

It is almost like sharing a virtual history of a place, something from a bygone age, passing by and saying 'hello'.