One out, two in as it's all change with zoo lions


Arya who is London bound - Credit: Paignton Zoo

It is all change on the lions front at Paignton Zoo.

Asiatic lion Arya has headed off on a new adventure.

After months of delay due to Covid-19 and Brexit, four-year old lioness Arya has safely moved across country to London Zoo to be partnered with their resident male lion, Bhanu.

The move is part of the European breeding programme for this endangered species.

Arya’s departure leaves just her twin brother, Yali, at the zoo – but he won''t alone for long.

Not one, but two lionesses will be joining Yali to form a small pride later in the Spring/early Summer.

The zoo team say they are looking forward to welcoming sisters Kali and Sita to Paignton from Cotswold Wildlife Park and Gardens in the coming weeks.

Two lions

Kali and Sita who are Paignton bound - Credit: Paignton Zoo

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The zoo says: "Animal moves such as this are really important for the future of the species and take great dedication and extensive planning from the animal care teams involved."