Zoo attractions reopen in time for half-term

Ormond the brick ostrich, which stands at 1.6 metres tall

Ormond the brick ostrich, which stands at 1.6 metres tall - Credit: Archant

Paignton Zoo’s Desert House - home to budgies, parakeets, guinea pigs and more - reopened in time for the half-term holidays, with all the required safety measures in place and a one-way route through the exhibit.

The Jungle Express is also now back on track at the zoo and visitors continue to enjoy the Great Big Brick Safari, boasting dozens of amazing brick models throughout the park.

The models include Ormond the brick ostrich, which stands at 1.6 metres in height and comprises more than 47,000 plastic building bricks. Ormond even has his own sponsor, the English Riviera BID Company.

As Hallowe’en approaches, and as part of the zoo enrichment programme, many of the residents have been enjoying some appropriate delights, such as pumpkins for the peccaries, donated by Torbay Fruit Sales.

The meerkat mob are another family enjoying Hallowe’en, using all their skills of ingenuity to enjoy some specially-carved pumpkins packed full of tasty mealworms.

The zoo is also reaching out to local schools with a shout out to teachers as part of its plans to start offering school visits, virtual visits and outreach sessions for educational groups.

The sessions have been adapted for the current Covid restrictions but are still just as much fun as before.

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The zoo wants to hear from teachers and school staff about what they would like and expect from future educational sessions. Get in touch by emailing pzeducation@wildplanettrust.org.uk