Paignton schoolboy Archie Turner turns scrap wood into cash for NHS

Archie Turner, 11, of Paignton, with some of his fundraising planters

Archie Turner, 11, of Paignton, with some of his fundraising planters - Credit: Archant

Among the many examples of young people using their lockdown time to help the NHS is 11-year-old Archie Turner.

Keen BMX rider Archie wanted to improve his skills while at home in Paignton.

He posted notes through neighbours doors asking for any spare wood and timber to make his own ramp for his back garden.

But he ended up with far more than he needed.

So he decided to turn his hand to creating rectangular planters and the first he gave to his aunt Becky Birchill.

She said: 'I absolutely loved it.

'He then said he'd had an idea to make more, charge £3 for one and £5 for two and give half his earnings to the NHS.'

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Mum Charlie then spread the word through social media and within 48 hours, Archie had orders for 54 planters.

Becky explained: 'Family and friends saw what he wanted to do and he has ended up with all these orders.

'He's made about half of them so far.

'He likes to be productive and feel like he is making a difference.

'He is a very conscientious, thoughtful, caring and lovely young man.

'His idea is to give half of the money he makes to the NHS for more personal protection equipment.'

Once finished, Archie delivers the planters himself, leaving them outside front doors.

Some of the recipients are using the planters as part of the current home schooling.

They have been teaching their children how to grow plants.

Archie, who goes to school at Dartmouth Academy, has since been sent photos of what the planters have been used for such as herb gardens.

Becky said: 'I am extremely proud of him, he has such a big heart.

'He is always thinking about others.

'It's amazing what he has achieved from all of this and it was all off his own back.

'And he so deserves recognition for his hard work.

'It was such a great idea, I wanted people to know and share his story.'