New Redcliffe owners reach for the stars - all five of them!

Seafront hotel

The historic Redcliffe - Credit: Submitted

The new owners of Paignton's iconic Redcliffe are to spend millions of pounds to give the hotel a touch of five-star luxury. 

The Mallino Development Group have spent £50milllion transforming the famous Bodmin Jail in Cornwall into a hugely successful four-star boutique hotel. 

Now they have similar plans for the Grade II-listed seafront Redcliffe with stunning views across the Bay and which had been owned by the Twigger family for more than 40 years until they decided to retire. 

The Mallino team took one look at the Redcliffe and it was bought after a first viewing for £4.5million. 

Managing director Rob Cox said: “The potential is huge, although the building doesn’t require any significant redevelopment, we envisage bringing it to a five star level.”

Head of company boss

Rob Cox - Credit: Submitted

The company are drawn by the history and locations of buildings – just like Bodmin Jail. Then they add the luxury bit. 

Mr Cox says: “We could not be more excited to be honest. We love history, our brand is built on the themes of History/Luxury/Locatiion.  We look for our investments to create something that is going to last a long time and extend the life of great properties. We will invest in the building, the staff and the supply chain, to create a Luxurious Spa Hotel that will be enjoyed by its guests for many years to come. 

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The Redcliffe, with its uninterrupted sea views and own beach, was built between 1855 and 1865 as a grand home, originally named Redcliffe Towers, for retired Colonel Robert Smith, an “eminent engineer, artist and architect in India.” 

Smith died in 1873 and four years later the house was bought by Paris Singer of the famous Singer and Oldway Mansion family.