Paignton Chamber of Commerce chairman Dean Kelly’s top tips for working from home

Dean Kelly, chairman of Paignton Chamber of Commerce

Dean Kelly, chairman of Paignton Chamber of Commerce - Credit: Archant

Dean Kelly, chairman of Paignton Chamber of Commerce, has come up with a list of useful tips for all those now having to work from home.

He says working from home has its challenges at the best of times but for many of us, this is now the new normal.

'In my daily working life, there are times I need to work from home and fortunately, I am already set up to do so,' he said.

'My role as a sales professional would normally mean a very diverse working day. I could be at a networking event, then in the car for a meeting to visit a client. I may need to drop in my local office to process a contract.

'Now I'm unable to do most of those activities that I have taken for granted. Now I need to have a different mindset and approach to what work I can still do. So how am I accomplishing this?'

• getting dressed - washing and getting dressed improves my state of mind and psychologically prepares me to start work. Some people find that dressing formally is helpful, and useful if they need to dial into a video call.

• sticking to my set hours - I find it important to stick to my set hours of work when home. I am ready to start my day at the same time as I would normally arrive in the office or workplace and finish my day at the same time.

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• getting out and about - I try to get outside and enjoy some fresh air, being mindful of others and keeping my distance. A brisk walk can help to undo mental blocks and release stress.

• picking up the phone - it's easy to spend the whole day without speaking to anyone which can be isolating. I keep relationships going strong by having a daily catch up on work matters. I've found that regular video calls help motivate me and encourage people to do this more.

• taking regular breaks - you shouldn't stay glued to your screen all day. It's important to take regular screen breaks, get up from your desk and move around.

Dean said: 'Keep safe everyone, do the right thing by each other, help colleagues, clients, family, friends and neighbours and let's get through this together.'