Brothers recreated image of wartime service

Eric Binmore and his brothers all served in the Armed Forces during the Second World War

Eric Binmore and his brothers all served in the Armed Forces during the Second World War - Credit: Archant

Living in a quiet corner of Paignton, his home for more than 90 years, is Eric Binmore, the youngest of five brothers who all played a part in the Second World War.

Eric, 91, was born in Laura Road and, as well as brothers Bill, Frank, Eddie and Fred, there was the oldest sister Eva.

A fabulous picture taken of the brothers in 1942 was recreated 50 years later.

The picture shows Eric and his four brothers in military uniform, which was then merged into a picture of the quintet in the 1990s and published in the Daily Mirror as part of its VE Day coverage this year.

“My brothers Bill and Eddie both landed on Gold Beach in Normandy as part of the D-Day invasion,” said Eric. “They had a very rough trip and Eddie was responsible for picking up wounded and dead from the beach.

“It was an experience that stayed with Eddie his whole life.

“Around a year later, my brother Bill was driving a brigadier across the River Rhine and he actually spotted Eddie working on the bridge, having not seen him for two years.

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“Frank didn’t pass his medical, so he joined the Home Guard during the war, while Fred wasn’t so keen on the army, instead joining the Royal Navy. He hitch-hiked to Plymouth, told a little fib about his age and spent the war on the battleship HMS Rodney.

“I followed the family tradition by joining up in 1946, when I was just old enough.

“My father had died from Parkinsons, so I was at home with my mother, and my sister Eva would get me fish and chips from Barrons on Elmbank Road.

“My brothers have sadly all gone now, and they all died in order of age. The family all came from Torbay and I married Shirley, who originally comes from Wales, 63 years ago.

“After the army, I worked for the Whitbread Brewery for 40 years before retirement.”