Out of the chaos, came community

Katie Cavanna, from RE4orm

Katie Cavanna, from RE4orm - Credit: Archant

After a variety of jobs, where I empowered and supported members of the community who were disadvantaged or facing hardship, I received a small inheritance that enabled me to fulfil my dream of starting up a charity.

RE4orm was borne out of a vision where families would be supported by the community, to raise aspirations and alleviate poverty.

It has always been my belief that education is key to bring about change.

RE4orm's vision is to utilise the already fantastic charities and agencies within the Bay, providing a mobile community centre, that would enable accessible provision for all.

RE4orm was set up in October 2019. At first it was a very lonely experience, venturing out on my own but I will be forever grateful for the unconditional support I have received from my family.

I was brought up with an innate sense of always wanting to make a difference - fighting injustice and enabling others to use their voice.

Just as we had purchased our wonderful double decker bus, previously used by UB40, the world changed.

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As it turned on its axis and we plummeted into an unprecedented crisis, the bus had to be put on hold, while we did everything we could to support families.

Amid the chaos, community has prevailed.

The dream for RE4orm, where the community was united, has come to life with a vengeance!

The support RE4orm has received from so many people; volunteers, businesses, suppliers, restaurants, bars and statutory agencies, has taken my breath away.

We are now able to deliver and supply local families with not only hot meals but also food baskets containing foods such as pasta, bread, rice, cakes and tinned goods.

I am truly humbled by the support RE4orm has received, in a world that generally focuses on everything negative, the willingness of people to help, sometimes with only ten minutes' notice, has proved that in the end, whatever we face, good will always prevail.