TV’s Countryfile showcases Hunts Devon Cider to the nation

Matt Baker filming Countryfile at Hunts Devon Cider's farm in Stoke Gabriel

Matt Baker filming Countryfile at Hunts Devon Cider's farm in Stoke Gabriel - Credit: Archant

For over 200 years, Hunts Devon Cider has been satisfying the thirst of those who enjoy their traditonally made ciders.

The Hunt family farm in Stoke Gabriel has developed such a reputation that they recently featured on an episode of BBC Countryfile, showcasing their expertise in the cider industry, plus a follow-up feature on BBC Spotlight.

The passion for cider comes from a long tradition and heritage, using the highest quality Devon cider apples, and combining traditional methods with modern processes to create a unique and refreshing taste.

“When the BBC host Countryfile, they select a number of business from an area they intend to visit,” said Bill Hargreaves from Hunts Devon Cider.

“You then go through a series of interviews before reaching the programme and we were selected as one of the successful candidates.

“The production team came down first, worked out the areas of the farm they wanted to explore and we then welcomed the camera and sound teams, along with the presenters Matt Baker and Ellie Harrison.

“They spent the day filming at the farm and fantastic for us to showcase Hunts Devon Cider.

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“The Hunts have been making cider in this part of Devon since 1804 and they were one of the main contributors to the building of Paignton harbour, as this was a primary method for exporting the cider.

“Roger Hunt, the senior of the family, still farms because he loves it, while Richard Hunt heads up the cider business. Richard actually played professional rugby at Bristol for many years and now runs that side of the farm.

“We sell through the Co-op in the South West, we supply the National Trust and recently won a contract for Morrisons in the region. We also sell through lots of local pubs and shops in Torbay.

“In the immediate aftermath of the Countryfile programme, we have been overwhelmed with online orders.

“Our cider includes the Wobbler, Andsome Bay, Thrasher, Pixie Juice, Red Head, Misty Maid and more.”

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