New Year’s hopes for green spaces 

Wild flowers in bloom at Abbey Meadows, Torquay, this summer

Green spaces like Abbey Meadows brought joy to many people during the summer lockdown - Credit: Groundwork South 

New Year is generally the time for resolutions – thinking about what changes we can make to our lives and how we can improve the future.  

Yet, with everything that has taken place over the last 12 months it feels like our lives have been changing plenty without, or in spite of, any resolutions we might have made at the start of 2020! 

So, instead of resolutions or plans this year may be the year of aspirations, of hope; for ourselves, for others and for the world around us. 

We know that for many people thinking about their own health may be overwhelming right now, let alone the health of the environment, so it is important to remind ourselves of the role our local green spaces have played in helping us to look after our health this year. 

Daily activities and habits have changed as we have adapted to the very different circumstances that Covid-19 has created. We’ve (re)engaged with the green spaces around us in one way or another; whether for exercise, for fun, a place to find moments of calm or somewhere to grow and learn.  

Perhaps one way we can continue to support our own and our community’s wellbeing is through our aspirations for green spaces and ensuring that the places that help us stay healthy in mind and body are cared for in return. 

From wanting to create space for nature, to needing more space to play, aspirations will vary greatly depending on our own priorities and needs, as well as those of our community. 

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Which is why, commissioned by Torbay Council, Groundwork South is working to support communities across the Bay in bringing these aspirations together. 

You and your neighbours might have some ideas about how you could improve your local green space, or you may want to join an established group like the Babbacombe Bay Bloomers or Oldway Gardens volunteers.

Either way, by sharing your aspirations for your local green space you can help build a hopeful community.

To get involved with Green Spaces in Torbay, please contact Hannah Worthington on 07940510616 or email