Torbay’s new estate agent: ‘My name is my brand’

Pegg Estates founder Ben Pegg

Pegg Estates founder Ben Pegg - Credit: Archant

Establishing a new venture during a global pandemic is a massive challenge and a leap of faith... we know it only too well here at Torbay Weekly.

However, as we have discovered, with the right business model and a positive approach, success can still be achieved.

Pegg Estates is now taking that journey and they have already established a growing reputation in Torbay for providing an excellent customer-focussed operation, which will be the platform of a bright future for the company founder Ben Pegg.

“We provide a high street service with online prices,” said Ben.

“I worked at an estate agent in Torquay for a very long time but I decided that I wanted to branch out on my own.

“I have made my name over the last 15 years as an estate agent by being customer-focussed and the idea of Pegg Estates is to limit the number of properties available, rather than focussing on volume.

“This allows us to offer a bespoke service and address what a client wants.

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“We established Pegg Estates at the end of August and when I returned to the office from furlough at the end of May, the market was telling me that if I don’t go out on my own now, I will never do it.

“There was a huge risk, particularly in these strange times, but the family have been incredibly supportive.

“There are not many family-run estate agents left in Torbay and there is definitely room for an agency like Pegg Estates.

“I was worried about the current climate but also knew that if we focus on the needs of a customer, it is a formula that works.

“I work as the estate agent for the business, my partner, Aimee Shone, is the mortgage adviser. Aimee has been a mortgage advisor for over four years and trades under The Mortgage Advice Bureau.

“My mum, Annee Ford, was a graphic designer and writer for the Oxford Press, Cambridge Press and, more recently, Francis Clark and Torquay Girls’ Grammar School, so she looks after the marketing.

“My brother Joseph completes the set by looking after our IT and website.

“More and more people are choosing not to enter an estate agents. Covid has obviously had an impact but a lot of the feedback I’ve had has been that customers have a long wait to be seen, and it is so much easier online.”

The journey for Ben began as a young man in Torbay, who wanted to experience the excitement and drive of a professional environment from an early age.

He has developed a wealth of knowledge in pricing and selling homes but the major stimulus for Pegg Estates is to provide a quality service that meets the need of their customers, from day one to completion.

“I moved down to Torbay when I was 12, attended Westlands School and Paignton Sports College,” added Ben.

“I decided at a young age that I wanted to be out in the working world and I remember witnessing a valuation when mum put her house on the market.

“It immediately struck me that this was a job where I could succeed.

“I moved back to my home town, Basingstoke, walked into an estate agents to ask for a job and started the next day.

“I moved back down here three years later and tried to use the skills I had learned in a more London-paced environment. My biggest motivation from every single day is to help people.

“It is about helping people find their dream home and that feeling you get from an appointment that could literally change the course of their lives.

“You take people through the whole experience of buying or selling a home.

“It is a daunting journey for many people and my name is my brand, my reputation is on the line every time I meet a client and providing the best service possible is the ethos behind Pegg Estates.”

• Find out more about Pegg Estates, log on to or look on the company’s Facebook and Instagram pages for their walk-through video tour.