Music with Tamla Thornton: Devon rock duo Moriaty announce new album ‘The Die Is Cast’

Devon-based Moriaty

Devon-based Moriaty - Credit: @camerafirm

Drenched in sounds influenced by the likes of Radiohead, Blind Willie McTell and Vulfpeck, ‘The Die Is Cast’ represents the happiness, heartache and hurdles that Devon-born rock duo Moriaty have faced while attempting to finish and release this record.

Composed of Jordan West (vocals, guitar, baritone, keys) and Matthew Partridge (vocals, drums), Moriaty proudly showcase this album as one with a ‘softer edge, that can still pack a punch.’

Although a distinct comparison to the sounds of their previous work, which is often likened to the nu-metal and hard rock sounds of Rage Against the Machine and The White Stripes, Moriaty hold a thematic resemblance to the former of the two in this album.

With such hearty parity being achieved through their fiercely polemical and political stance of the modern world, the result is a record encompassed by both a recognition of political and personal evolution, something which seems so prominent in this day and age; “This album is about change. Change is our personal lives. Deaths, Births, the ending and beginning of relationships and the dramatic changes in technology and he political landscape of the entire world over just a few years.” said West.

“The sophomore record has been a long time coming. Both success and heartache have plagued the band over the last few years, a few attempts to finish and release this new record have been halted by births, deaths, obsession, redemption and, of course, Covid-19. But we never gave up and now the release approaches.”

Nestled among the album is ‘The Die Is Cast’s first single release, ‘Shake,’ a prominent nod to the political state across the pond; “You don’t shake like Kruschev / You don’t shake like Kennedy” chants West, as an indestructible riff punches alongside Partridge’s drumming.

“It’s a riff that popped into my head while driving to a rehearsal.” West explains.

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“As soon as we set up, I played it straight away and moments later we had a song. It’s one of those songs that - quite fittingly - just fell from the sky.”

‘The Die Is Cast” and ‘Shake’ available to stream and download now via Spotify and iTunes.