Mystery of Torbay sightseeing bus spotted in United States

The bus with Paignton Zoo advertising in Louisiana

The bus spotted by Steve Walker in Louisiana - Credit: Submitted

Mystery surrounds how an English Riviera sightseeing bus ended up in the United States. 

Reader Steve Walker, who lives in Boston, got in touch to reveal how he discovered the open-topped tourist bus while working in Louisiana.  

The English Riviera sightseeing bus in a Lousiana car park

The mystery bus seen in Louisiana - Credit: Submitted

He explained: “One evening, I decided to take a walk and as I approached the hotel next door, I saw Paignton Zoo’s bus in its car park.

“The first question I asked myself is why is bus this 4,500 miles from home? 

“After walking around the bus, noticing its right hand drive steering wheel and other UK bus tell-tale signs, built in Britain. 

“As to why the bus is in Louisiana, I have no idea. There was nobody around to ask.  

“The hotel is right off Interstate 20 exit 86 so it could have been en-route to anywhere.” 

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Steve was unable to see which State number plate was on the bus.