Different types of haunting

The Spanish Barn at Torre Abbey. Photo: Roger Cornfoot

The Spanish Barn at Torre Abbey. Photo: Roger Cornfoot - Credit: Archant

When it is said that a place is haunted, what exactly does that mean and what type of haunting is it?

In places where there have been fatal accidents, emotional traumas, battles etc, reports have been made of ghostly sightings, strange lights or sounds. These events seem to be at their strongest on the anniversary of their original occurrences.

It doesn't have to be the anniversary of something tragic, it could be any event which provoked a high level of emotional energy. These are called anniversary hauntings.

Another type of haunting is known as replay. These are energies which are occasionally seen and which always seem to be in the same area doing the same thing.

An example of which is the female spirit which has often been seen near the Spanish Barn at Torre Abbey and the monk who is said to haunt Churston Court.

The best way to describe this type of manifestation is to think of it as like watching a projected image which was filmed long ago and you can see them but they can't see you.

But if the image should suddenly turn around and look at you, then this is another type of energy. This is communicative energy and can make itself known to you through touch, sounds, electrical equipment being turned on or off, or drained.

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This is the type of energy that paranormal investigators try to work with but it is unpredictable and very difficult to prove scientifically.

Poltergeists usually like to make themselves known by making loud noises and moving things about.

Sometimes when a poltergeist energy is present, it will leave small pools of water in its wake, or open doors and then bang them very loudly. These are as their name translates, 'noisy ghosts'.

Next week I would like to talk about shadow people, a type of energy that is being seen more and more.

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