Mysterious Torbay: Different theories about shadow people

Battery Gardens - Brixham. Photo: Chris Allen

Battery Gardens - Brixham. Photo: Chris Allen - Credit: Archant

There are many different classifications of hauntings.

One that has started to be reported frequently is known as shadow people. They appear as dark shadows, and those people who have witnessed them said that they seem quite menacing.

There are different theories as what these shadow people are and I suppose no-one knows for sure. One theory is that they are able to move between different dimensions, a sort of time traveller.

In the interdimensional theory it is thought that different dimensions exist and that they resonate at different levels, which is why we are unable to see them. They resonate at a faster rate, ours is much slower, so it easier for them to pass to a lower level.

It would seem that they may have a kind of intelligence, in that they are not a replay. A lady had been out shopping and on returning to her flat saw a dark shadow which looked human in shape stood in the middle of the doorway from her lounge into the kitchen. As she stared at it, it appeared to turn round and look at her. It then walked towards the wall and disappeared.

Another encounter occurred at the Battery Gardens, Brixham. I was walking past the Battery Gardens in Brixham one lovely sunny day. I noticed the shadow of a man against the wall just before the entrance to the gardens.

The shadow was totally still almost like an imprint on the wall. I thought that someone must be standing on the wall opposite to create this shadow, but when I looked there was no-one there, not even in the Battery Gardens.

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I returned at the same time the following day, which was still sunny to try and work out what it was.

I tried to recreate the shadow myself and found that I would have to stand 2ft away to recreate what I saw, otherwise the shadow was too elongated due to the position of the sun at that time of the day.

Two interesting accounts of shadow people.

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