Mysterious Torbay: Images such as these are quite subjective

Can you see anything in this picture taken at Cockington Church?

Can you see anything in this picture taken at Cockington Church?

I would like to say ‘thank you’ for the emails I received regarding last week’s photograph, which appeared in my column.

It was a photograph that was originally sent to me many years ago.

I have recently contacted the family who took the photograph and they very kindly posted me a further printed copy. I wanted to try and get as clear a copy as I could as it can be difficult to reproduce in newsprint. To their credit, Torbay Weekly did a very good job.

I received some very interesting feedback regarding the strange shadowing/image, shown to the left of the picture. Descriptions of the image ranged from a person holding a baby, a dragon’s head, a horse’s head, a nun, and a strange face with a hood though some could see nothing at all. Varied opinions are always welcome and relevant.

The family who had taken the photograph, many years ago, had been checking through their holiday snaps when they came across this one and were surprised to see something that they felt was unusual in it.

It was taken outside the Church of St George and St Mary, Cockington village.

They could see a horse/dragon’s head, with a man’s face directly to the left of it.

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Although it cannot be seen easily, it looks like a small round or triangular shape with a cross in the centre of it is right between the two images.

Images such as these are quite subjective, and open to much diverse interpretation. Whether or not this image is of paranormal nature, or just our brains making sense out of random shapes, we do not know. After all is said and done, it is an excellent photograph and I am very grateful to the family who sent it to me.

• If you know of anything of a mysterious or paranormal nature, in the Torbay area, I would be interested to hear from you. I can be contacted at