Fund-raising mum and son 'amazed' by community response

Picture of mother and son for charity event

Double act: Laura Hall and son Ben - Credit: Submitted

Torquay post office worker Laura Hall has praised her customers after an ‘amazing’ response to her charity fund-raising mission. 

Laura and her 23-year-old son Ben are taking part in the ‘Run 50 miles in February Challenge’ in aid of the Children’s Society. 

Laura, who has worked at the Watcombe post office for 13 years, revealed: “I put a collection tin on our counter and I've been totally amazed at the support I've had and the donations. In four days, I had £250 and my son and I have had £100 on a go fund me page.” 

She added: “I've ran as a hobby for 23 years. I saw an advert on social media for volunteers to take part in the challenge thought, why not, it's something I can do, something I'm good at.  

“I've been fortunate to work through the madness of the last 12 months but even life not being normal weekends was starting to get to me. This gave me a challenge, something to focus on for a month and a good cause.” 

Ben has run with mum since he was only a boy. 

“I did a bit of research into The Children's Society as I wanted to raise money for what I see as a charity which makes a difference,” said Laura. 

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“I have three grown up children who have been fortunate to never need or want for anything. They've had a loving family, hot meals, a safe roof and environment around them, but a lot of children aren't so fortunate. The Children's Society helps kids whose own lives aren't so happy. 

“Our customers knew I ran but the generosity shows what a lovely local community we have in such difficult times. 

“My boss Trevor, who I call my boss but dear friend is probably a better description after 13 years, is covering me midweek on my shift to allow me to run before work as after eight hours the motivation is a little thinner.  

“Charities have been hit hard during Covid so any donations are so dearly appreciated.”