MP hopes ‘to see Torbay Weekly play prominent part in development of Torbay’

Anthony Mangnall, MP for Brixham and Totnes

Anthony Mangnall, MP for Brixham and Totnes - Credit: Archant

Anthony Mangnall is the new MP for Brixham and Totnes and welcomes the new Torbay Weekly. He says:

It is a huge pleasure to write for the preview edition of Torbay Weekly. As the former parliamentary candidate and now Member of Parliament for Totnes I have had a unique opportunity to see the many areas that bind Torbay together as a vibrant community.

Partnerships such as Torbay Together play a huge role in supporting the local stakeholders, promoting businesses and developing our cultural assets.

I hope to see Torbay Weekly play a prominent part in the development of Torbay and the whole of the South West.

As an elected representative I will be working hand-in-glove with the various local authorities, Devon County Council and my colleagues in Westminster such as Kevin Foster to deliver for our incredible region.

Over the course of the election, I made the point time and time again that the South West was all too often overlooked. Well, it is my express hope, in fact, it is what I am working for, to see the South West get its fair share of funding for improved transport infrastructure, developed digital connectivity and uplifts in education funding.

To achieve all this we must work together and support all aspects of our communities, from our pubs to our art galleries, small business and community partnership groups.

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My support does not stop there, over the coming weeks and months I am going to be focussed on seeing the UK's fisheries bill through parliament and helping unlock the potential that rests within our coastal community. I have already been raising my concern about the negative impact on business rates and I will continue to work to try to reduce rates.

But most importantly you play a huge part in our ability to deliver so I want to hear from you. You can reach me on or 01803 868 378.