Proceed with caution as lockdown is lifted

The amount of selling online has increased dramatically

The amount of selling online has increased dramatically - Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

The news that the infections of coronavirus dropped by 30 per cent during the lockdown proved we have to take a lot more care before we can move to any normality.

Why is it we ignore the rules and fail to look after one another in the short term?

The evidence in those countries that have both put in strong disciplines, and enforced them, is clear and yet many of us put our own personal freedoms ahead of this.

We in the United Kingdom continue to find ways to abuse the rules and as a result have one of the highest death rates in the world.

Devon had one of the lowest rates as a result of the first lockdown but as the rules eased cases spiraled, and all our local hospitals are under pressure.

Now we have the Government attempting to win votes by allowing an easing of the rules over the Christmas period and no doubt putting more pressure on themselves in the future.

It seems few people are happy with the tier system whether it is restricting pleasure or preventing business providing the work levels, jobs and income the country all need.

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We will get a vaccine and life will return to something resembling normality but let’s make that extra effort in the meantime.

Having completed our second lockdown period it has certainly been a lot different to the first.

Those businesses allowed to stay open were busy than before and more people were working but customers’ habits have changed enforcing new working practices for both employees and employers.

How will you deal with your motor dealer in the future? The answer is any way you want to.

The amount of selling online has increased dramatically but how much of this is because in lockdown this was one of the only ways to buy a new or used car.

Now some people are completely at ease on the internet and are happy to make comparisons online and have a good idea idea about the product and where it is available, and at what price.

This is the point at which many used cars buyers are more confident in placing an order online, and even paying for, it as most used car dealers are updating their systems to enable this.

For some customers this is still a step too far and the availability of talking to a trusted sales advisor at their local dealer is desired, particularly where they know they can rely on this advice and the experience is a pleasant one.

Also, no one should take a new or used car without a test drive and proper handover, as even if you are driving a similar vehicle the updates come so often there is always something new to learn. Safety and reassurance are very important.

For those who wish to visit their local dealer, check out the product, feel and touch it and ensure it meets your needs for the future there should be no better way.

Furthermore, you are able to find out about your servicing requirements and should you have any problems, know who to talk to and be confident they will be resolved.

We will continue with this next week but keep safe, keep smiling and look after one another.