Take advantage of exceptional new car sales - offers are out there

Part-exchanges are at high levels due to the strength of the used car market

Part-exchanges are at high levels due to the strength of the used car market - Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

The coronavirus continues to affect our lives and it is easy to see how and why it can change in any area if we do not remain vigilant.

Buy a new car while exceptional offers are out there

Buy a new car while exceptional offers are out there - Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

I heard this week that 80 per cent of the UK will take a 'staycation' this year which will benefit the economy by some £20 billion.

This must be good news for the hospitality and tourist areas who have had a tough time throughout the lockdown, in spite of the costs of providing proper social distancing, PPE, and training for their employees.

As well as being a benefit for businesses, it has also put a strain on the local population as some holiday visitors seem to believe that as we have low rates of infection there is no need for social distancing, one-way systems, or even masks.

At my first visit to a large supermarket for over four months at the weekend, it seemed the employees were powerless to control a number of the customers not obeying any of the rules, and had resigned themselves to the situation.

This was not just the young but people of all ages who frankly must believe none of these controls are necessary.

Fortunately, we have had very few issues at Vospers and as we have offered masks to customers who have not brought their own and explain this is for the safety of everyone, they have been happy to comply.

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There are also many people giving up their time and energy to support those who need help, whether financial or otherwise as evidenced every week in this newspaper.

Hopefully, this new realisation of certain peoples' need for care will ensure the Government take measures to address this in the future.

This virus is causing problems throughout the world and it rightly dominates the headlines.

The Government is desperate to get the economy going at the same time as minimising the risks of the hotspots increasing and the threat of further lockdowns.

Business cannot take another lockdown and the challenge for the Government will be to provide assistance to those that need it in the period after furlough.

They have done a good job so far and seem to have a balance.

Of course, some industries are concerned about a deal with Europe and with the deadline approaching there is further pressure to reach a conclusion.

In Devon and Cornwall, fishing is such an important part of the local economy a satisfactory agreement is vital.

We in the motor industry are also concerned with the possibility of tariffs and changes to the way we pay for and stock vehicles.

As we have few manufacturers with factories in the UK, most completed vehicles will be imported from Europe and although there is some concern about price rises the Europeans will want us to continue to provide customers for their products.

Currently, we have the second largest market in Europe and we are recovering from the lockdown period faster so they will be keen to ensure sales continue at similar levels in the future.

Nothing changes from my current advice on buying a new car. If you are thinking of this between now and the end of the year, do it while exceptional offers are out there and part-exchanges are at high levels due to the strength of the used car market.

All the dealers need them.

I look forward to next time.