Meet great people and keep fit while earning extra money

Distributor Trevor Tucker from Paignton

Distributor Trevor Tucker from Paignton - Credit: Submitted

Your inspiring Torbay Weekly is delivered through your door every week thanks to our great network of superb, local distributors throughout Torbay. 

A large portion of adults deliver our newspaper, and the distributors feel they are helping their own community and what inspires, not just them, but, us all.

We spoke to one such distributor, Trevor Tucker from Paignton,  who is happy to do a full day delivering the paper.

Trevor said: "I love it, it keeps me fit and active and I get to meet the great people who live and work in the Bay.

"It is great to chat to readers and get their opinions on the Torbay Weekly, which are always positive,  as well as earning extra money every week.

"It's simple; I know where I need to go, I'm given equipment to use and everything is dropped direct to my house!"

The Torbay Weekly is looking for mobile adults to deliver our inspiring newspaper in the Torbay area.

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If you are looking for a full day's work,  or even more,  then get in touch with us by email at