Errin, four, is lockdown litter legend

Lockdown legend Errin Smith

Lockdown legend Errin Smith - Credit: Archant

Take a bow Errin Smith, one of the Bay’s lockdown legends.

Errin, four, has been keeping the local streets and beaches clean as dad Matthew explains: “Our little girl takes great pleasure in litter picking in our local Preston and Paignton area. She is very passionate about litter picking, the environment and clearing the beaches come rain or shine.

“We started the hobby with Errin and her little brother Emmett who is 18 months old during the first lockdown back in March.

“We wanted to encourage Errin to do something positive during a time which was a little uneasy and at times stressful.

“We found a website online which sold children’s sized litter pickers so decided to get her one.”

Matthew reveals: “Since then it has been a regular activity. Errin finds it lots of fun and it helps us encourage her to walk further, it’s even got to the point where her little brother now points out rubbish whenever we are out and about.”

Errin’s parents are hoping her efforts will inspire other youngsters to follow in her litter-picking footsteps.

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Matthew says: “I would encourage all other parents to take up this hobby for toddlers/young children. It’s a feel-good hobby with immediate benefits to our local environment.”

Errin’s sterling efforts are certainly an inspiration to others and something to celebrate.

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