Marldon Hill Post Office saved by family business

Marldon Hill Post Office

Marldon Hill Post Office - Credit: Archant

Marldon Hill Post Office saved by family business

The Herring family has stepped in at the last minute to rescue Marldon Hill Post Office from possible closure.

A vital component for local business and the community, the Post Office was on the brink before being taken over by the experienced retailers.

It is a lifeline for the people of Marldon Hill and surrounding areas, ensuring they continue to enjoy the convenience of a Post Office on their doorstep.

“It really did come down to the last hour,” said Chris Herring.

“The previous owner had come down from London and perhaps didn’t realise how tough retail can be.

“It is a hugely demanding industry, both in terms of time and commitment.

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“The Herring family have been involved in retail for nearly 40 years.

“I work with my parents, Phillip and Elaine, and my brother Pete to run the business.”

The important practicalities for local people that stems from this rescue is to have that assurance and convenience of a reliable service in their community.

“We are dedicated to providing a great service to our customers and the feedback from the people of Marldon Hill has been fantastic,” added Herring.

“In these strange Covid times, we have found a significant increase in people using the Post Office to send packages, parcels and letters for their businesses.

“There is also the crucial community element of having a thriving local Post Office.

“People depend on our stores in their daily lives and we see that as a privilege to serve.

“Now that we have completed the rescue takeover, it will be our mission to implement the Herring family philosophy on the Post Office.

“We believe in offering our customers a superb, personal service and it is an honour for us to be the new owners.”

It is great news for the people of Paignton and another fine example of local entrepreneurs taking on community projects for the benefit of Our Naturally Inspiring Bay.