Pg6. Viewing tip: define your home

Make it feel like home for a viewing

Make it feel like home for a viewing - Credit: Ridgewater

When you welcome someone into your home for a viewing, make it feel like home.  
On those cold winter days, make sure the property is warm, dress the windows with curtains or blinds and the introduction of fruit, flowers and plants will add colour and scent. 
Bad smells will put off the buyer, so make your home as fresh as possible and flowers are often the best answer.  
It might sound obvious but you want to make every room shout about what it is and what it can offer.  
If you use the dining room as an office, tidy away those papers and the laptop, and lay out a tablecloth and placemats to make it look ready for a meal. 
Clear away any junk and kids’ toys from the lounge and spare rooms, set up the garden with patio furniture that creates the vision of a relaxing summer afternoon in the sun.