Majestic back campaign to salute ‘Our Heroes’

Majestic Holidays tour coach Picture: Alan Sansbury - Creative Commons Attribution 2.0Majestic Holidays tour coach Picture: Alan Sansbury - Creative Commons Attribution 2.0

Well-known South Devon-based holiday company Majestic Tours are backing the growing army of front-line workers and volunteers saving and improving lives in the current virus crisis.

And what better way than to partner the Torbay Weekly with its new Our Heroes campaign?

We would like to recognise and salute those people risking their own lives to save others - like the doctors, nurses, care workers and support staff in our brilliant NHS

Then you have the emergency services, delivery drivers, supermarket and corner shop staff, council workers, our Royal Mail teams and utilities workers all going that extra mile.

And what about the charities, volunteer groups and residents bonding our community like never before with acts of unbelievable kindness making sure some of the most vulnerable people in our society are cared for?

All these and more besides are Our Heroes. We have been featuring some of their amazing stories and we would like to do more of the same.

Majestic Tours are delighted to help lead the campaign. Owner, Mark Wright, expressed his thanks: “We have always been close to the local community which we serve; appreciating and supporting Service personnel, local charities and care-workers. That community has been fantastic in these challenging times, going beyond the call of duty. We would love to see these wonderful people get the credit and further support that they so richly deserve.”

Torbay councillor Jack Dart has also backed the campaign. His Torbay Community Help Hub page on Facebook has more than 15,000 members with lots of people doing lots of heartwarming things to help people. We will be highlighting some of those in the Torbay Weekly and on our website and social media platforms.

Then - when this is - fingers tightly crossed – all over and the time is right, we want to throw a big Our Heroes celebration party to say a big thanks to all those who have made such a difference to our lives. Details will be announced later.

If you would like to nominate a group or somebody for Our Heroes recognition, please send details to