Love is... a Brixham Theatre competition

Poster explaining details of the competition can be found on Brixham Theatre's Facebook page

Details of the competition can be found on Brixham Theatre's Facebook page - Credit: Submitted

We are back with an update from Brixham.

Firstly, I wanted to tell everyone about the poetry competition Brixham Theatre is hosting through February on the theme of love, which apart from it being the month of Valentine's Day, I also think is quite apt as we have just spent the last 12 months demonstrating all the ways we love each other through all of the amazing and kind acts that we have done for our friends, families neighbours and strangers.

Details of the competition can be found on Brixham Theatre's Facebook page and the top prize is a bottle of Champagne, or cash alternative.

It’s all well and good being asked to stay at home, but for some people being in the same place day in, day out has led to feelings of insecurity, in the most practical sense of the word.

Brixham Stronger Together

Brixham Stronger Together - Credit: Archant

Recently the Handy Person Service run by Yes! Brixham  as part of Staying Put, which in turn is part of the Ageing Well project, has picked up more and more requests for locks to be fitted to doors, key safes, and  gates and doors to be made more secure.

We’ve always been asked for these things in the past, but there seems more demand than ever.

Are people feeling vulnerable in their own homes? The good news is that if people are feeling unsafe there are lots of places that can help them, not just the Handy Person Service.

In Torbay, we have a Neighbourhood Watch network which has a scheme called Feel Safe 

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Offering free support to add security to your home, anyone can refer into the service using the form which can be found by following the link above.

If you do have any small scale maintenance tasks such as changing a lightbulb, fixing a broken toilet seat or maybe something just broke, and you are aged over 50 then you can access the Yes! Brixham  Handy Person Scheme by calling 01803 851 414 or emailing

The food banks in Brixham are noticing an increase in the number of people coming to us for support and we are hearing stories of people who have gone a long time without support from us because they have felt ashamed to ask for food.

Our response to that is please use us, this situation is happening to all of us and it’s OK to ask for help. 

We are more than happy to help, the food needs to be eaten and the banks are based at The Edge on Bolton Street and at the town hall, both buildings that are multi use so you could be going there for any reason.

The Yes! Brixham food bank is open Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm, and you can request a food parcel by calling 01803 851 414 or emailing

The Brixham Food Bank is open Monday and Friday, 2pm to 4pm, and can be accessed by entering the gate at the front of the town hall on New Road.