You know that feeling when you have been away from home a little while, you see the sign saying ‘Welcome to Devon’ and all is right with the world.

Neil Thomas has raised £8,000 for Rowcroft HospiceNeil Thomas has raised £8,000 for Rowcroft Hospice

For Neil Thomas, Torbay’s walking hero, it will be especially poignant and triumphant later today, as he heads toward the final push in an incredible eight-day walk from London’s Big Ben to Torquay’s Little Ben, the Clock Tower.

Thommo has captured the hearts of Torbay with his humourous and sometimes emotional updates from the roadside during the past week, as he looks to complete the 200-mile trek to raise money for Rowcroft Hospice.

After setting an initial target of £2,000, it is a measure of how much this amazing effort has struck a chord with people in Torbay, and across the world, that he has now rocketed past £10,000, with donations coming from as far as Australia.

As if walking 200 miles on your own is not hard enough, Thommo has done it with no money in his pocket, relying on the generosity of strangers for food and accommodation.

It will be a truly remarkable achievement when he reaches the Clock Tower on Sunday lunchtime.