The Pageant of Torbay: Part Two

Pageant of Torbay Part 2

Pageant of Torbay Part 2 - Credit: Legendary 10 Seconds

Torbay artists ‘The Legendary 10 Seconds’ have released a second album celebrating Our Naturally Inspiring Bay. 
The Pageant of Torbay: Part Two is an album packed with 17 fantastic songs inspired by the Bay, including ‘The Drinking Fountains of Torquay’, ‘The Town of Torquay’, ‘Dreaming of Ashfield’ and ‘Cruise Ships in Torbay’. 
Founded by songwriter Ian Churchward, The Legendary 10 Seconds is a collective group of various musicians and they have produced several albums in their fabulous folk rock style. 
Inspired by a lecture given at Torquay Museum by David Hinchcliffe on the Torquay Pageant in 1924, the album once again combines beautiful melodies with a historical theme. 
“I had never heard about this pageant, even though I’ve lived in Torbay virtually all my life,” said Ian. 
You can find out more and listen to the new album by visiting