Katie Cavanna: Help us turn the green bus into something magical

Katie Cavanna and RE4orm want volunteers to help transform her bus

Katie Cavanna and RE4orm want volunteers to help transform her bus - Credit: Archant

Do you want to be part of something extraordinary? ?Do you feel like you want to give something back to the community?

Would you like to make a difference to your neighbour?

Well, here it is! The RE4orm REbuild project.

On October 26, the renovation of UB40’s old tour bus begins.

We’re turning this amazing green bus into a mobile community centre; equipped with a kitchen, meetings areas, library and sensory area. This hub will be accessible for all within our community.

So now we need you. Yes, you!

Help us turn the green bus into something magical.

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We need plumbers, carpenters, electricians, painter/decorators, artists, floor fitters and sign writers.

Our aim is to engage with, empower and enthuse families and children across the Bay and South Devon, in order to raise aspirations and alleviate poverty.

At present there are 6,000 children living in poverty, representing 29 per cent of the Torbay population.

We have come together as a community to work together to reduce poverty and raise aspirations for all. We are working with local schools, business and charities to achieve this aim.

Our aim is to work with the community to alleviate child poverty in Torbay. RE4orm provides accessible early help provision for both children and families.

Through multi-agency partnership working, our aim is to work with families and communities at the first point of need and maximise opportunities for them to achieve their potential without the use of long-term support or intervention.

Research carried out before Covid-19, found that 5,985 children live in poverty in the Torbay constituency, representing 29.63% of the town’s children.

Research undertaken highlighted:

• there is a significant gap in attainment - half of pupils are not achieving the same results at GCSEs as peers from other communities

• there needs to be an equity of inclusive provision; resulting in availability and access for all

• early help has to be at the earliest opportunity; health, education and social

• child poverty results in poor education, health and low employment chances. Child poverty lowers aspirations, hopes and talents of both children and families

• there needs to be a focus on the relationship between work and benefits. Life skills for families, such as budgeting, cooking, literacy and numeracy can empower change and progress.

Since our launch in October 2019, the last 12 months have been incredibly busy!

We have purchased UB40’s old tour bus, to convert it into a mobile community hub.

Although the renovation process has been delayed due to Covid-19, we are excited to get the community hub completed and on the road, supporting families across Torbay.

The mobile hub will be equipped with a library, meeting areas and kitchen – designed to bring support right to your front door.

As well as this, we have launched numerous projects, such as our Christmas Appeal, Uniform Swap, and Birthday Bonanza.

Excitingly, our wonderful community donated more than 700 Christmas presents to local children, ensuring they had something to open on Christmas Day.

Raising aspirations and alleviating poverty, remains the focus of our work at RE4orm.

Torbay has the most wonderful provision with a community that truly inspires to help one another. Our mobile community centre will be in the community every week, supporting families and children.

Our mobile community hub will offer support to our hardest-to-reach families and children.

Equipped with a kitchen, cafe area, meeting space and library, this hub will be in the community throughout the week, providing a positive and purposeful venue for all.

We need your help with this. We are looking for a team of tradespeople to help us fit the bus out.

Think DIY SOS – without Nick Knowles!

This mobile community centre is the community’s and we would love it to be shaped by everyone within it.

We promise you this is going to be something incredibly special.

If you’re interested in helping with the renovation of the bus, please get in touch.

Find out more at re4orm.org.uk