Katie Cavanna: Call for community to get behind RE4orm and help renovate UB40’s old tour bus

Inside the old tour bus that will become the mobile community hub

Inside the old tour bus that will become the mobile community hub - Credit: Archant

As a child, it was important to my parents that each evening we would sit as a family and enjoy dinner together.

When I reflect back on my childhood and the lessons I learnt about the world I wanted to make an impact on, I often go back to the stories I was told around the dinner table.

I was brought up with the innate belief that I could, and would, change the world.

It sounds quite overwhelming when you think about it like that. A shy girl, who from a young age, knew that she was here to make a difference.

Having worked within the local community for the last 15 years, supporting refugee families, Gypsy, Roma and traveller families, asylum seekers, those on long-term benefits and families experiencing poverty, at times I must admit, I felt frustrated by the system and wanted to ensure support for families was more accessible and inclusive.

In October 2019, RE4orm, a community interest company, was set up. Borne out of the idea that education is key to bring about sustainable change, and that it’s the responsibility of the whole community to educate.

I founded RE4orm to bring positive change for all. RE4orm’s mission is to alleviate poverty and raise aspirations.

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With more than 6,000 children currently living in poverty in Torbay, I was aware of the barriers many faced in the community and sought an alternative, inclusive solution.

The idea of a community hub was discussed, and soon it turned into one on wheels, so we could be accessible to all!


We are a community interest company based in Torbay. Our aim is to engage with, empower and enthuse families and children across the Bay and South Devon.

Everyone deserves the right start in life. Everyone deserves a champion to believe in them.

We aim to bring our community together to work as one, to help get rid of poverty and raise aspirations and opportunities for all.

We are a team of professionals with extensive experience in education, business and family support. We are committed to improving the lives of families in Torbay by sharing our time and expertise.


Working closely with families, our holistic approach enables families to be empowered to make changes.

We offer communities advice and guidance with parenting, budgeting, benefits advice, advocacy and more.

We run cooking on a budget workshops, help with literacy and life skills plus provide a space for people to come together.


A mobile community hub, offering support to our hardest to reach families and children.

Since our launch in October 2019, the last 12 months have been busy!

We have bought UB40’s old tour bus, to convert it into a mobile community hub.

Although the renovation process has been delayed due to Covid-19, we are excited to get the community hub completed and on the road, supporting families across Torbay.

The mobile hub will be equipped with a library, meeting areas and kitchen – designed to bring support right to your front door.

After a long wait, the renovation can now begin.

From Monday, October 26, we will begin the magnificent transformation of UB40’s old tour bus.

So now, I am calling on our community to get behind RE4orm and help.

One of Torbay’s greatest assets is its people – put simply, you are all phenomenal. We need you. From electricians to plumbers, from painters to sign writers, from artists to carpenters – your support with the renovation will change lives.

Our mobile community centre is for the community, by the community.

To see the big green bus drive past, and know that you made that possible, is just priceless.

There are many reasons to be proud of our Bay, let’s make this mobile community centre one of them.

If you would like to help with the renovation, please find out more information at www.re4orm.org.uk