Survivor Karen saluted for helping Torbay domestic violence victims

Karen Vaughan of Rising Moments - nominated for the Torbay Weekly Our Heroes
Photo:Beccy Strong

Karen Vaughan of Rising Moments - nominated for the Torbay Weekly Our Heroes Photo:Beccy Strong - Credit: Archant

From victim to helping victims, Karen Vaughan is a true survivor and worthy Our Heroes nomination

Karen Vaughan has been described as a 'true survivor'.

Now she has transitioned from being a victim to becoming a shining light in others' lives. One of Our Heroes.

Her Rising Moments organisation was established three years ago to support women past and present who have suffered domestic violence. It has gone from strength to strength.

Karen started Rising Moments to give the support she wished was available when she needed it.

She says: 'Well when I started Rising Moments, being a survivor of over 16 years it only highlighted the fears that there were more women in need of more. Rising Moments has become a safe place to come and receive not only the essentials, but to be a voice in that can be a very lonely and confusing time. I just try to be the person that I need when I was in their situation.'

Since Covid-19 took hold, Karen has seen a surge in the need of support and is currently provided on average 40 food parcels a week.

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With people being confined to their homes the risk of domestic abuse is more prevalent than ever. During Covid-19 there has been an alarming increase of need relating to domestic violence with the charity Refuge reporting a 700 per cent increase in calls.

The Home Office started a campaign to raise awareness and encourage the public to show solidarity on social media using #YouAreNotAlone.

Karen said: 'During Covid-19 we have seen an increase of at least 50 per cent of people in need of our services and we recognise that it is not just present victims/survivors, but also past survivors that are struggling or may not have seen anyone for support.

'We know it is not just a case of leaving the situation, it is a mixture of the essentials, being heard, listened to and having the support and encouragement to manage health and mental well-being'

Karen is a worthy Our Heroes nomination. You can contact Rising Moments on their Facebook page or 07773257633.

The Torbay Weekly is running the Our Heroes campaign in partnership with Majestic Holidays. If you would like to nominate email