It has been a dog’s life for even some of the best jobs in Bay

Dog boarding business owner Alison Hammond

Dog boarding business owner Alison Hammond - Credit: Archant

It has been a dog's life for some Torbay businesses and even the best jobs

It is one of the most rewarding jobs going. Looking after a dog and getting paid for it.

But it, too, has not failed to escape the pandemic fall-out.

Alison Hammond, owner of 'Purrfect Paws', one of the licenced dog boarders in Torbay, said: 'It took over two years to properly establish my business. By 2017 my business had grown extensively and by June 2019 I was fully booked for 2020.'

But then in March came Lockdown. As travel restrictions came into force for holidays in the UK and abroad, many dog owners were forced to cancel bookings, leaving many boarding businesses with no prospect of a future.

Alison said: 'My self-employed husband was also unable to work and our three children were not able to attend school. We both threw ourselves into home schooling our children.'

All licenced dog boarders can now re-open and take bookings once again. But the uncertainty that is the virus remains.

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