Internet evolution is revolution by another name

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It’s easier for me to buy new printer ink with just a few keystrokes than walk to the town centre shop! - Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

So we start once more. I settle into the comfy chair, making sure my undrinkable hot coffee can’t be elbowed into my lap.

I view the smorgasbord of delights and attractions my screen has found, what will attract, what do I want, what do I need, what must I buy?

Yes, I am searching the internet. Actually, I’m browsing... that’s not the same as browsing the butcher or baker or candlestick maker. No, this is the future, this is truly ‘one big step for mankind’.

I remember the ‘dot com’ revolution of the 1990s, that mass of trenches sprawled across towns and cities, even oceans and continents, that collapsed without the promised paradise of riches beyond dreams, for those half dozen billionaire investors!

Worldwide, governments and business have partnered to bring faster and faster internet speeds.

In practise this means it’s easier for me to buy new printer ink with just a few keystrokes than walk to the town centre shop!

But the death of town centres across our country is precisely because shoppers now feel though small may give service, they can’t match the low price promises of internet.

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This evolution is revolution by another name!

It’s my birthday near the end of this month. I shall be 74 and I’m aware my thinking, my world view, may seem incomprehensible to younger generations.

For then shops were shops, you entered, were served, chose your goods, paid in cash and left, simple.

Though not always true, in towns and villages were to be found smaller shops, larger towns and cities, larger shops but no matter where I travelled be it Europe, Asia, USA, Africa - always those same simple steps.

But then entered that spawn of the internet... the credit card!

Whether beneficial and essential or savage chaos and strife, natural order was truly rent asunder - for ever!

Sobering thoughts as I say 'thanks for listening, cheerio'.