Ice challenge raises much-needed cash for Cancer Research UK

Rachel Hosking during her ice bath challenge for Csancer Research UK

Rachel Hosking during her ice bath challenge for Csancer Research UK - Credit: Archant

Fundraiser Rachel Hosking picked one of the hottest days of the year so far to spend the afternoon in an ice bath.

Rachel is well known for her personal challenges over the years to raise money - she's one of the UK's top fundraisers for Cancer Research UK after losing much-loved family and friends to the disease.

'I realised people would stump up more money if they know I'm going to suffer, so that's why I do it,' explained Rachel, who lives in Teignmouth.

'At the moment, cancer charities along with many others have lost valuable funding due to events being cancelled because of Covid-19. So CRUK needs our help more than ever.'

On Sunday afternoon, Rachel took to her bathtub at a cool 14 degrees, thanks to bags of ice delivered from her local pub. The average sea temperature for a Boxing Day dip is around 10 degrees but, of course, you can swim to keep warm.

Rachel, co-managing director for Torquay-based events company Serious About Events, began with a six-minute dunk as online donations started to flood in. Fuelled by a cup of tea, she got back into the tub, now down to a seriously chilly five degrees, for another ten minutes where she enjoyed a cream tea as more ice was shovelled in and the £2,000 target creeping ever closer.

With even more ice and the temperature at one point down to four degrees, Rachel got back in the tub for the last time with an aim to complete 15 minutes. With five minutes to go, Rachel's daughter Danni and son Kieran volunteered to join their mum in the ice tub to reach the target.

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She finished her challenge with a head dunk, followed by a large gin and tonic heaped up with ice, delighted to see that her £2,000 target had been reached. Altogether she spent a total of 34 minutes in freezing cold water.

Rachel has completed her various challenges including marathons, climbing Kilimanjaro, trekking to Machu Picchu, a parachute jump, cycling from London to Paris as well as taking part in Race for Life.