‘I am sure Torbay Weekly will grow from strength to strength’

Torbay councillor David Thomas, who leads the opposition Conservative group

Torbay councillor David Thomas, who leads the opposition Conservative group - Credit: Archant

Dave Thomas is the leader of the Conservative group on Torbay Council. This is what he has to say about the new Torbay Weekly:

'In a commercial world where we see everything we purchase increasing in price, it is rare to find something for free. Hence, I was delighted to hear of this new publication in Torbay which will become weekly, local and free. I am sure it will grow from strength to strength and supply us with more information and local news.

'Almost a year on from the local elections of last year and following a boundary change, I now represent the Preston ward. Although I am currently not at the decision-making table, I am delighted that many of the major projects I was involved with before the election are now starting to come to fruition.

'Schemes like the four new Fragrance hotels across the Bay, two of which will be growing out of the ground on the Paignton seafront in the coming months.

'The new hotel and restaurant facilities on Torwood Street in Torquay has now had the hoardings removed and one can start to see all the work that has been going on for the past 18 months.

'The new Harbour Light at Paignton Harbour will be opening its doors in a few weeks, starting the regeneration of that part of Paignton.

'One of the groups that I worked hard to set up in the last administration was something called 'Torbay Together'. This is Torbay's Strategic Partnership and includes Torbay's major partners: - Blue Light services, the NHS, Community Partnerships, Torbay Business Forum and South Devon College to name but a few. The idea was for the partnership to be outside of the political process and to champion the cause for Torbay with a single unified voice. I am delighted that we were able to obtain two important meetings with Ministers at Westminster and now some of those discussions are continuing to bring forth fruit through the town centre initiatives in Torquay and Paignton.

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'Torbay has a long way to go, but some of the steppingstones are now in place. They need to be built upon to truly take us forward.'