All I want for Christmas is a hug

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Wouldn't you just love a hug? - Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

For me it just summed up this horrible, dreadful year. A year that will go down in the annuls of time as the worst pandemic in a century. 

The virus has brought our economy to its knees. More than that it has shattered the things we take for granted and hold the dearest and closest to our hearts and soul as human beings. 

It has taken away the ability to shake a hand, to hug your daughter or son, to pat your grandson on the back when he has scored a goal or taken a wicket, to give a cuddle to your grand-daughter after her little guinea dies, to comfort your family and friends when they need you the most. To enjoy the special spirit of Christmas together. 

The plan was the same as any year – my daughter would come up from Falmouth with her family and we would spend a brilliant highlight-of-the-year Boxing Day together. Old Mr Covid put pay to that long before any arrangements could be made. 

So, there we were on our alternative Boxing Day – me and my wife exchanging Christmas presents with daughter and her family from the boot of our cars in the car park of a Cornish service station. 

We didn’t hang about too long. The weather had nothing to do with it. It was the shedding of tears that we tried to avoid. 

Being handed her own Christmas hamper especially packed by mum, including her favourite home-made trifle, would have eased the pain and sadness. But I am sure she would have let her guard slip a little during a quieter moment that night. I did. 

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All I want for Christmas next year is a hug! 

But enough. We must not let the virus win. Throughout this week’s Torbay Weekly you will see that message repeated time and time again. 

Community and business leaders and the ordinary man or woman in the street relating a will and determination to drive on for the future. 

We at the Torbay Weekly are proud of our journey so far, proud to be part of that history-making story, proud to be part of the Naturally Inspiring Torbay community. Privileged and honoured to be able to bring to you the story of how Torbay stood as one in battle against this terrible invader.  

Privileged to report on heart-warming stories of human kindness, determination and true grit. 

We could not have come this far without the help of so many people and perhaps now is the time to pay tribute and say a heartfelt thanks to our small army of passionate, enthusiastic and hugely supportive correspondents who make us what we try to be – a newspaper by the community for the community, doing old-fashioned things in a modern way. 

We have been blessed with the humbling and terrific feedback we have had so far. That is down to them, our community correspondents writing about their communities. 

Big thanks as well to all those others who have stood by us through thick and thin. 

The pandemic has taught us all how much we all need each other, especially in these most challenging and distressful times and how we can win through and achieve if we all stick together. 

How we can hopefully see a glimmer of hope and light at the end of that very depressing dark tunnel. 

Hopefully and God willing it won’t be too long before I can turn off the zoom camera and give my daughter in Cornwall (and the rest of my family) one big, giant hug. 

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all of you.