How artists can build their music careers in lockdown

Independent musicians in lockdown can still enhance their music career

Independent musicians in lockdown can still enhance their music career - Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

As we settle in to our first week of lockdown 2.0 and with many musicians already on the breadline, this week’s Music Scene column is here to inspire Torbay talent on how to maximise time in lockdown in order to grow audiences and amplify music careers.

1. Define your brand

Having some down time during lockdown can give you the space to sit back and think about who you are as an artist or band, what your values are and how you want to be portrayed to your listeners.

Defining your brand as a musician is the first step to making sure that your music is heard by people who will invest in your music and support your content in the long haul.

2. Connect with your audience

Engage with your audience on social media platforms through live videos and create content frequently that sparks conversations with your followers.

Create shareable posts, ask questions and include your audience with your creative processes. Don’t let your fans forget about you just because you can’t gig!

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Tip: Look at more established musicians that you follow and study their content for some inspiration.

3. Build new skills in the music industry

You’re not expected as an independent musician to be an expert marketer, band manager and create good quality music as well. However, you can switch up your gigging time with building new skills which will elevate your music career and give you a rounded understanding of how the music business works.

This can be as simple as listening to music industry podcasts or subscribing to music marketing YouTube accounts and studying their content.

Investing in your abilities in the music business will be invaluable to the rest of your time working in the industry.

4. Grow your connections

Use this time to network in the industry and reach out to contacts who can help boost your career.

Whether that’s a journalist, music blogger or festival organiser, research key people and create the perfect pitch to build connections for post Covid-19 music opportunities.