'Why we need second tourism BID'

Picture of Brixham hotel boss

BID supporter Eddie Bence - Credit: Submitted

A leading hotelier is backing a second term for the English Riviera BID Company. 

Eddie Bence, boss of the Berry Head Hotel in Brixham, says: “There has probably never been a more difficult time than now for business to justify finding money to fund anything at all. But there has probably never been a more important time to ensure that the work achieved during ERBID 1 is not wasted and to support ERBID 2 in order that Torbay tourism makes a swift recovery and continues to work on behalf of us all to promote the area and its tourism offering. 

“Once we begin to emerge from the Covid Pandemic which has so decimated the economy you may be sure that many of our competitors will be investing to gain as much market share as they possibly can in the short and medium term.  

“Competition will be fierce and we in Torbay need to ensure that we are in pole position to take as much benefit as we can. If we do not, I am fearful that others will, and that there could be a very real danger of Torbay slipping down the rankings.” 

Mr Bence’s company also owns a hotel in Cornwall and he said: “I know that Visit Cornwall are going to be very proactive going forward. It is absolutely essential that we are playing a leading part as well if we are to see a revival of fortune and maximise our exposure. Without a vehicle such as English Riviera BID Company there is no doubt in my mind that such a recovery will fail to happen and others will reap the reward.” 

He acknowledges how difficult it may be for some to invest but he says: “The alternative is too dangerous to consider even for a moment 

“I appeal to everyone in our wonderful industry in our three very special towns to come together and help ensure that we are in a position to benefit to the maximum in 2021 and beyond by supporting the BID.” 

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