Here's hoping for a sunny end to the summer holidays

There are some sizzling ideas for you to mark British Food Fortnight. Picture: Getty Images/Purestoc

Here's hoping the weather is kind and we can enjoy a few more barbecues this summer. - Credit: Getty Images/Purestock

Anyone know what’s happened to the binmen?

They seem to have disappeared so we haven’t had our bins collected this week.

I hope they are OK, and Covid isn’t the culprit.

Have to say I’m getting fed up of running up and down the road picking up cardboard, that the wind has blown about. My bins have been out more this week than I have in the last two years!

It’s a standing joke with my neighbour and I, how the weather is lovely all week except Tuesday night when it’s time to put the recycling out and gale force winds appear from nowhere.

So if you’re really unlucky, you’ll find my neighbour and I running up and down the street rescuing said recycling in our nightwear – a treat to behold, don’t say I’m not good to you!

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of sitting on the north-bound M5 in traffic, watching the south-bound side sat at a standstill too.

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I’m pretty sure there isn’t enough space in Devon and Cornwall for the number of cars heading south.

Great for the hospitality industry, so we mustn’t grumble, besides I did enough grumbling for us all yesterday, sitting there for hours on end not moving.

The joys of summer holiday traffic jams, in the pouring rain. No wonder so many were leaving the South West too.  

So, Olympics are now over and Team GB did really well, amazing achievements from some young athletes – we should be proud of them.

Not sure they’ll ever warrant a £100 million transfer fee... no, I’m not going to go there, because that really is a soapbox you don’t want me on but the money in football is obscene. Totally and utterly obscene.

The nights are drawing in already and it's starting to get dark earlier – sad face.

I love light summer evenings sitting outside enjoying a drink and chat with my neighbours, especially when it’s still warm.

Let’s hope the sunshine returns for the next few weeks of the holidays and we get to enjoy some more barbecues.