It’s so great to be back watching my team play again

Sunnier times at Barton Cricket Club

This was where I spend my childhood – Barton Cricket Club. - Credit: Archant

Mother of God! What a disappointment that ending was! 

After all the hype, excitement and anticipation, Jed Murcurio has left us deflated. 

Hasting wasn’t wrong - we were left catching a sprat when we were expecting a mackerel. 

Call the Midwife had a better ending and plot.

Fella, I hope the next series wraps it all up once and for all, I mean I am not getting any younger and I’m not sure my ticker can take anymore of this. 

Or is that really it? Is that nincompoop Buckles the fourth man? Nah, don’t be daft, surely not?

I’m not getting any younger - what a sobering thought - and time seems to be ticking away faster every week.

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I’m sure it was just Christmas the other day and now we’re approaching summer, nearly half of 2021 is over.

No, don’t worry I’m not going to talk about my non-existent summer and winter wardrobe again. Instead I’m going to bore you all with the stories of my youth at the cricket, and how it’s so great to be back watching my team play again.

What was also really great was being able to sit out and have a drink with my friends and relatives afterward - yes, we were socially distanced and kept to the rule of six.

This was where I spend my childhood – Barton Cricket Club. It was a family affair, there were few members there that I wasn’t related too!

I grew up, with my cousins, second and third cousins, and aunts and uncles galore. Serious Saturdays watching the league game and Sundays travelling around Devon watching the Sunday XI, with the odd stop off for a pub lunch or pub supper on the way home.

A picnic that was more like a banquet and fun and laughter on the menu too, and oh didn’t we laugh - such wonderful memories.

I am a sentimental old fool and I love a bit of nostalgia. I love a good ol’ sing song and digging out the family photo album and reminiscing about the old days - until I come across that picture of me from my childhood that if it ever get out to the public domain I'd need to go into hiding.

Yep, you guessed it the picture of the 1980s perm and train-track braces – absolute stunner!

This got me thinking – oh blimey Becky, not again I hear you shout. Yes, again. If I met myself as I am now when I was 18, what advice would I give myself? What would I change, keep the same or do differently?

Well, you’ll just need to wait until next week to find out...