Graveyard ghost stories kept stolen goods safe!

Photo taken by resident of ghostly mist seen in conservatory

Photo taken by resident of ghostly mist seen in conservatory - Credit: Archant

When it is said that a place is 'haunted', what exactly does that mean, and what type of haunting is it?

The usual suspect for ghostly sightings is the graveyard.

Many people are afraid of walking through the graveyard at night for fear of seeing a ghostly apparition but why is that?

This fear has not come from confirmed sightings, as these are very few, it has mainly come from folklore and urban myths.

In the past, smugglers and thieves have used graveyards to hide their contraband or stolen goods in false graves.

They would then spread rumours that a ghost has been seen there, walking among the graves, or, for instance, that someone had seen the devil and was dead by the next morning.

People then became fearful of going into the graveyard and so the stolen goods would be kept nice and safe.

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So, what happens when your house seems to be 'haunted'?

I was asked to go to a house in the Bay which was having all sorts of strange things happening. Articles were being moved, cupboard doors flying open, voices heard, and dark shadows being seen.

After spending some time at the property and meeting the owner, I also experienced some strange things.

When I was seated in one of the rooms, the door suddenly slowly opened, and no-one was there, it then closed again.

When a medium visited the property, she 'linked-in' with a spirit and she said that the spirit said that it felt like it was in a 'straight-jacket'.

This would seem a very unhappy spirit and that it was taking its anger out on an unsuspecting family.

After a few visits to the property it was found that the spirit was that of a farmer whose farm had been on this particular piece of land before the house was built.

This property was very interesting as it seemed inhabited by different types of residual haunting, poltergeist activity and also communicative energy.

After speaking to the owner recently, he has said that it seems to be less active now, which is good news, although things do still occasionally disappear.