Ghostly experiences at 12th century manor house

People have had many ghostly experiences at Churston Court

People have had many ghostly experiences at Churston Court - Credit: Archant

Churston Court is a 12th century manor house and a Grade II-listed building and is situated approximately two miles from Brixham.

Over the years it has had many interesting visitors including Agatha Christie, Alex Polizzi from TV's The Hotel Inspector, and it is said that Bruce Reynolds may have hidden there after his part in the Great Train Robbery in August 1963.

Inside the building there are beautiful tapestries and paintings, suits of armour and quaint inglenook fireplaces. The medieval theme is complete with beautiful four poster beds in the upper rooms.

It is the perfect setting for people who have an interest in the paranormal to meet and it is where Torbay Investigators of the Paranormal (TIP) get together on Monday evenings.

People have had many ghostly experiences there, the shadowy figures of monks have been seen in the hallways and in different areas of the building by both staff and visitors.

Many years ago, while I was a member of TIP, I was in the main dining room with another member of the group, when we both became aware of what looked like the figure of a monk moving across the room.

It then passed into the small alcove room on the left-hand side of the dining area and seemed to walk into the wall and suddenly disappeared.

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The wall had a large tapestry covering it and curiosity led us to look behind it. There we found a doorway. Perhaps this is where the monk used to walk many years ago.

Another strange thing, witnessed by a staff member, was a candle that was lit one minute then flickered and blew out. Nothing scary about that but when the candle was then seen to reignite it did cause a bit of a commotion.

If you have an interest in haunted buildings and good food, Churston Court is well worth a visit.

Also, if you have experienced anything mysterious or paranormal in the Torbay area, I would like to hear from you. Contact me at