Getting lost with an A to Z of Clennon Lakes

Clennon Lake in Paignton, is home to a variety of wildfowl. 

Clennon Lake in Paignton, is home to a variety of wildfowl. - Credit: Torbay Park Ranger, SWISCo 

The visit to Clennon Lakes is half-an-hour of daily exercise, but it is also an escape – a chance to get lost in a green space with plenty of wildlife distractions to keep the mind from wondering back to work, worries and ‘what ifs’.

This walk has us thinking that the wildfowl of Clennon certainly seem to have found their Valentine’s this February - a new pair of swans has taken up residence in the largest lake, the odd white feather sitting on the bank testament to their daily preening regime; a couple of tufted ducks glide across the surface of the lake to the island, their gold-yellow eyes glowing against their dark feathers; and a pair of moorhens pad gently across the muddy edge of the top pond, looking for food amongst the mat of greenery.

For those days when it’s not so easy to get lost in your surroundings, why not try doing a scavenger hunt to help you switch off? 

It’s a simple activity - and one that always proves popular at our events - that provides a gentle focus. 

And, should you want to make it a bit more challenging, then try looking out for 26 things starting with each letter of the alphabet.

M is for mallards, with their emerald green heads standing out on a dull day 

M is for mallards, with their emerald green heads standing out on a dull day. - Credit: Groundwork South 

Here’s what we managed at Clennon: 

A is for alder, a tree that thrives near water. B is for birds, of course! C is for camera – plenty of people looking out for feathery locals and visitors to snap. D is for the well-behaved dog spotted on-lead. E is for earthworm – a birdy lunch for someone. F is for all the muddy footprints. 

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OK, so we can’t fit a whole A to Z into this column, but hopefully we have given you something to think about on your next walk, scoot or stroll; something to help keep those ‘what ifs’ at bay, at least for a while. P.S. Do let us know if you find an X or Z! 

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Groundwork South - Credit: Groundwork South