Torbay is on the brink of a new era thanks to Team Torbay and Together approach

MP Kevin Foster at Edginswell

MP Kevin Foster at Edginswell - Credit: Archant

Torbay is on the brink of a new era thanks to Team Torbay and Together approach

The Gateway to the dawn of a new era may be about to open for the English Riviera.

A £2 million government boost to progress a development at the 'Gateway' into Torquay at Edginswell is the latest apparent vote of confidence in the Bay – and it is being claimed a Team Torbay and Torbay Together approach - with 'bickering' becoming a thing of the past - has played a major part.

The government cash will help start work on the Edginswell land on the junction of the South Devon Highway. A government statement said: 'Development of the site will provide over 2,000 sqm of office and industrial space and will also act as a catalyst to accelerate the development of approximately 400 new homes and links to associated infrastructure including the needed Edginswell station and Torbay Hospital improvement programme.'

The council is bidding for funding to build a rail station at Edginswell and Torbay Hospital is in line for a massive £400 million regeneration and rebuild scheme.

Torbay MP Kevin Foster said: 'It is nice and encouraging that Number 10 is putting out things that are recognising that we have two other schemes next door.'

The Bay is at the crossroads with hopes that millions of pounds will transform the centres of Torquay and Paignton with other government cash and many more millions are currently being invested in the Bay by the private sector.

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Mr Foster says: 'We have a lot of things coming together. We have government policies that genuinely want to regenerate coastal towns and Torbay is not unique in that.

'We are seeing a good team approach. I will give Steve Darling and Darren Cowell (from the Lib Dem/Independent regime that run the council) their due for the part they have played in that team approach. We also have an opposition that wants to work constructively and the bickering has stopped. I am pleased to have played a part in that as part of that team effort along with the council, its officers, other partners and the private sector.

'Bringing people and partners together does make a difference. The government does not want to see us bickering.'

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