Fundraising walk is just what the doctor ordered for zoo appeal

Surajit Sinha has walked 200km to raise funds for Paignton Zoo

Surajit Sinha has walked 200km to raise funds for Paignton Zoo - Credit: Archant

A Torbay doctor is well on the way to completing an incredible 200km walk to raise money for Paignton Zoo and all for the love of walking, and the animals.

Surajit Sinha has been trekking around Torbay to support the Zoo, raising incredible funds, while also working on the frontline in the fight against Covid.

“We love walking,” said Surajit. “I have already raised over £600 for Dartmoor Zoo and we then read about the problems at Paignton Zoo.

“I kept on seeing this news in the Torbay Weekly and I do a lot of walking with a friend of mine, Dr Subash Gupta. I am a full-time doctor as well, so we don’t have a lot of spare time.

“The original plan was to try and walk 100km in the month of September, with family and job commitments to consider as well.

“It has gone really well and by the start of this week, we had reached 165km, so the new target is for 200km. A lot of the walking has been with my son and it has been great to go out walking together, recording videos as well.

“There are so many beautiful walks around Torbay. I often head toward Thatcher Rock, or in the other direction to Goodrington and the beaches of Paignton and Preston.

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“On the weekends, we have done some really long stretches, including one walk to Dittisham and Totnes. We also managed a stretch from Cockington to Totnes and one walk that totalled 22km.

“We have had a lot of support from friends and colleagues at the Hospital, raising just over £1,000 so far. The response has been brilliant and a really enjoyable thing to do.

“A lot of kids have joined us for the walks and Paignton Zoo are arranging for them to have certificates, when we take on the final stretch, which will end at the zoo.

“The walk has been possible only because of the support of my wife, Dr Aabha Sharma, taking a lot of the pictures and joining me on a lot of the trips.”

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