Fundraising Torquay schoolboy Cache ‘did it for the NHS’

Football-mad Torquay schoolboy Cache Pearson showed true determination to raise money for the NHS

Football-mad Torquay schoolboy Cache Pearson showed true determination to raise money for the NHS - Credit: Archant

Seven-year-old Cache was never giving up in his quest to raise money for the NHS - and he did just that

If at first you don't succeed try, try again – that's exactly what seven-year-old Cache Pearson did in his determined quest to raise money for the NHS. He also did his mum and Torquay businesswomen Kara proud.

Football-mad Cache set himself the sponsored tough target of 300 continuous keep-me-ups with a football.

When he started he was doing 15 to 19 in a good day. He set himself a target of two weeks to do it. Mum, who runs the Wo hairdressing salon in Torwood Street, and dad Dave spent hours and hours watching and catching his efforts on camera.

Week one came and went with 167 done. Then, after a break to raise his spirits, came 262. Kara said at that point they were going to persuade Cache that he had been fantastic and it was time to call it a day.

But Cache had other ideas. Kara said: 'He had been attending Plymouth Argyle FC on trial and was pending an offer of a contract at the time, so all his coaches got behind him too. This spurred him on enormously. He always like to make his team and club proud.'

At the crack of dawn one morning and with mum and dad again capturing his efforts on camera in their pyjamas, Cache got up to 198 at the first attempt and then with a 'I'm doing this for the NHS' pledge achieved 355 – and raised over £400 for the NHS at the same time.

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Kara says: 'We are currently now at 840 kick-ups continuously. The smile on his face when he completed his challenge will remain one of our proudest moments as parents. Cache even got a thankyou via a zoom video call from the first team manager, Ryan Lowe, at Argyle.'

Cache has done a 5k run for Cancer Research with sister Evannah completing a 10k run for the same cause. The 10k distance is the next challenge for Cache.

'As parents we believe in doing a lot for charity. We fully support both the children in doing so,' says Kara.