Fruit sales boost for Save Paignton Zoo campaign

For every box they sell, Torbay Fruit Sales will donate £5 to the Paignton Zoo

For every box they sell, Torbay Fruit Sales will donate £5 to the Paignton Zoo - Credit: Archant

Whenever your buy a box of goods from Torbay Fruit Sales, you will receive some great produce and also be contributing to the campaign to Save Paignton Zoo.

Save Paignton Zoo

Save Paignton Zoo - Credit: Archant

The zoo is pivotal to a successful Torbay economy and Torbay Fruit Sales is the latest local company to step forward to help them steer a way through the current crisis to a brighter future.

'For every single box we sell, we will donate £5 to the zoo,' said Justin Mann, joint manager of Torbay Fruit Sales with Mark Rivers.

'We produce a variety of boxes for fruit and veg, as well as dairy products and most shopping lines for people in Torbay, Newton Abbot and the South Hams.

'For a business in this area, Paignton Zoo is absolutely essential. It's the main tourist attraction for Torbay and we supply the zoo with food for all their animals, as we are predominantly a wholesale company supplying hotels, shops and attractions.

'We have only been going for 18 months and it is obviously an important contract for us to be supplying the zoo, so anything we can do to help them keep going is also good for us.

'Aside from the business perspective, Torbay would be a very different place without Paignton Zoo.

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'It would have a serious impact on the number of visitors to the area and that would naturally be damaging to the Torbay economy.

'The zoo is fighting for its survival and we want to help them in any way we can.

'A donation of £5 for every box will hopefully generate some decent revenue for the zoo and also bring some new customers to Torbay Fruit Sales.

'We also hope that businesses across Torbay can think of their own ideas to help safeguard Paignton Zoo because it is so crucial to the positive future of our community.'

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