Free MP3 player offer open to all Bay care homes

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Six MP3s were provided resulting in six success stories - Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

To whom it may concern and all Torbay care home managers: Look me in the eye and tell me these won’t help your residents, patients, loved ones.

Six MP3s were provided resulting in six success stories and 30, yes 30, more wanted for the rest of residents in the same care home! 

Feedback includes helping end-of-life patients, stroke survivors and helping to aid food and fluid intake as well as behavioural problems.

What you are about to read is first hand, real time evidence of how Torbay’s Purple Angel Dementia Campaign is helping so many across the UK.

Please believe me when I say this is only a minute example of what we have received back since we started doing this - we really could fill a book with positive feedback.

And yet despite having pieces in this newspaper, care home magazines, Torbay Carers publications, on local radio, and the head of social services sending memos out to all they know, very few requests have come from Torbay care homes.

Why? Answers on a post card please, because we are totally lost on this one.

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These are free. We buy, we upload the music chosen by the residents, we cover postage costs and all we ask is a bit of feedback from you about each MP3. 

Here is some feedback for the MP3 players: 

"This resident really struggled during isolation when we had an outbreak of Covid-19 in the care home and twice a day she listened to all 15 songs on her MP3 player without fail. Each time she played it was like she was hearing the music for the first time and she really enjoyed it and it helped her through lockdown and isolation." 

"This resident unfortunately suffered a stroke shortly after receiving her MP3 player and her speech was impacted. Being able to listen to her favourite songs helped this customer re-learn the speech and she started to sing along before she was able to speak to care staff." 

"When this resident was end of life, it was of great comfort to her to listen to the songs pre-selected by her family" 

"This resident started to struggle to eat due to her dementia. We enabled her to listen to her MP3 player while she ate and this greatly improved her food intake as she seemed to eat in time with the music"

"This resident had significant sun downing affects on her behaviour to the point that she was becoming at risk of causing injury to other customers. We then used her MP3 player to counteract her behaviour and she would sit by the window and hum along to her music and when the songs had finished her behaviours had returned to normal" 

"This resident has been end of life for ten months and is non verbal. She is only verbal when singing along to the songs on her MP3 player" 

"I would like to be able to provide the remainder 30 of our residents with one of these particularly after seeing the positive impact that they have had on our residents. Honestly we have been significantly impacted by Covid-19 over the last 11 months and we would like to gift these wonderful devices to all of our customers"