Formula One theme to zoo new arrivals’ names

Five swamp wallabies will share an exhibit with the kangaroos

Five swamp wallabies will share an exhibit with the kangaroos - Credit: Archant

It has been a week of new arrivals for Paignton Zoo.

Bouncing into the limelight are five new swamp wallabies, named Russell, Herbert, Norris, Button and Hamilton - the naming committee might just be fans of Formula One motor racing.

The marsupials will be sharing an exhibit with the kangaroos, and zoo staff are hoping they will soon be seen in the area behind the Animals Encounters building, once the wallabies have settled into their new surroundings.

Baboon Rock has been a place of celebration following the arrival of a new male baby, born to mum Flip on September 9. The baby baboon is already growing in strength and feeding well.

Paignton Zoo has run a poll through social media this week, offering animal lovers the chance to name the new baby. All the youngsters within the baboon family groups have name themes, and this young chap enters a family with ‘Lion King’ inspired names.

The choice of names included Zazu, Pumbaa, Timone or Rafiki. Paignton Zoo will announce the winning name on their social media channels later this week.

The baby baboon will soon be joining his family and neighbours in enjoying the new enrichment broom heads filled with seeds and pulses, which was recently bought through the Paignton Zoo Amazon Wishlist by generous members of the public.

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On a more challenging note for Paignton Zoo, and all local attractions, the recent change in Government guidelines prohibiting groups in excess of six people means the zoo will be unable accept groups larger than six, unless your single household family ‘bubble’ is greater than that number.

Despite this development, the zoo will be operating as normal and guests can still see the Great Big Brick Safari. The two hyena models, Hester and Harrow, were made from over 37,000 bricks and took more than 320 hours to build.

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